Our Coffee Roasting Partners

The Good Bean Coffee Roastery

Our amazing partners and one of the best micro-roasters in Ireland, The Good Bean Coffe Roastery started their journey in 2018 and have gone from strength to strength.


Garry & Suzi are very passionate and take great pride roasting coffee. The Good Bean Coffee Roastery is an ethical roastery from the beans they buy from sustainable farms, direct trade where they know the farmers by name, to fairtrade and community-based coffees and woman only produced coffees, organic and single origin coffees to working with Rain Forest Alliance to re-balance the planet through a sustainable transformation in agriculture and forestry, they work closely with importer cafe imports.

Garry & Suzi also work with their local community and give back, not just monetary but their time as well. We are proud to be working with The Good Bean Coffee Roastery.