What you need:

  • Aeropress

  • 2 Aeropress filters

  • Digital scale

  • Grinder

  • Spoon

  • 15g of fine ground coffee

  • 250g water boiled at 93˚C

  1. Invert Aeropress and pre-heat chambers with hot water and discard

  2. Insert 2 filter papers into cap and rinse with hot water.  By using 2 filters less sediment and oils will enter the final cup, giving a higher clarity of flavour and a more balanced cup

  3. Add coffee to Aeropress and place on scales.  Start timer and start pouring in all the water for 10 seconds, ensuring all grounds are wet

  4. Stir gently until all grounds are wet and not sticking to the rubber bottom

  5. Attach cap tightly by screwing it in a clockwise direction

  6. At 40 seconds remove Aeropress from the scales and push out air by holding onto the sides.  Keep pushing until there are no more bubbles on the cap surface

  7. Flip Aeropress onto the mug

  8. Plunge until all water has passed through the filter. This should take about 30 seconds